WATCH: Turnstile’s Euphoric Performance Of ‘Mystery’ Live On Jimmy Kimmel


Continuing to receive all of the success they deserve.

Turnstile have once again shown what they are made of on late night national television.

The band made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, delivering ‘Mystery’ to an absolutely chaotic crowd. 

Seeing the band’s brand of hardcore joyfulness transfer to a stage such as this, and feel extremely at home, continues to be nothing short of wonderful and thoroughly deserved. Where will they end up next? Wherever it is, it’s going to be exciting.

Here it is:

And as an extra treat, here’s the full three-track performance that they put on which was off-air:

And to get you caught up on everything they have been up to, here’s their relaxing animated video for ‘Underwater Boi’:

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