Willow Kayne Drops Defiant New Single ‘Opinion’

It’a a full throttle return…

Willow Kayne has released her new single ‘Opinion’.

Recently winning an Ivor Novello Rising Star award, Willow is currently being mentored by all-out pop icon Nile Rodgers as a result.

New single ‘Opinion’ takes her sound forwards, tapping into the pan-global rebel-pop template forges by Santigold and M.I.A. about a decade ago.

There’s a pop-punk punch here, too, with Willow Kayne taking aim at those who just can’t keep their opinions to themselves.

A precocious pop song that plays by its own rules, ‘Opinion’ is out now.

Willow comments…

“I wrote ‘Opinion’ last year after receiving childlike comments that people just insisted I had to know! There’s a strong playground theme in this song to remind those of how close to schoolyard drama it all sounds. I’m definitely one for airing out stupid comments I receive in my music, and this was just another opportunity to remind people of how childish it can sound sometimes. I’m fighting fire with fire!”

Tune in now.

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Link to the source article – https://www.clashmusic.com/news/willow-kayne-drops-defiant-new-single-opinion

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