Winnie Raeder Shares Beautiful New Song ‘The End Of Me’

It’s the start of a fresh chapter…

Winnie Raeder has shared her beautiful new song ‘The End Of Me’.

The Danish born singer was initially drawn to sports, before an injury pushed her to the sidelines.

Travelling to London, she was discovered working in a Putney cafe, writing songs when her shifts drew to a close.

A full project is incoming, with Winnie set to play two headline dates at London’s Troubadour venue this month.

Due to travel around the country alongside Canadian musician Leif Vollebekk, her new song ‘The End Of Me’ kicks off this fresh chapter.

Winnie comments…

“I wanted to create a visual world for these songs to exist in, and at the same time create a world that could exist on its own. It was important to me that the film would both tell a story but at the same time allow for interpretation. I think we live in a time where everything is moving so fast, everything is so easily accessible and interchangeable that we rarely invest a lot of time into one thing.”

“If it’s doesn’t grab out attention right from the start, we skip it and move on. I think that’s quite scary. There’s a lot of beauty lost in that. I wanted to intentionally create a world where we’d use long shots, still moments and simplicity. Moments that demands your attention. That’s a place I find really interesting and exciting, I think there are many feelings to be found there, in the stillness.”

Tune in now.

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